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Subscriptions are for the two issues of the same calendar year. Individual issues for the current and immediately-past year are not sold separately. The 2010 issues include an in-depth examination of Cuban printmaking and articles by Andrea Emmons, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Erik Waterkotte, Tetsuya Noda, Indrani Gall, Pieter Myers and more. Internationally acclaimed Cuban artist Ibrahim Miranda has cut three linoleum blocks for our 2010 gift print; subscribers receive one of the images at random.

Subscribers (including students, not institutions) receive a password for access to extra features of our website (including the popular list of Competitive Exhibits and our Guide to Printmaking, Papermaking and Book Arts Workshops). Subscribers are invited to post an image of one of their prints, paperworks or artist's books in our Print Bin. These free benefits for subscribers have no separate or redeemable value. Subscriptions are for the calendar year: if you send your payment by January, you can have a password and an image in the Print Bin for the full 12 months. If you subscribe later in the year, you’ll still receive both issues of the journal, but your password and presence in the Print Bin will expire in December even if that’s less than 12 months away.

All prices are U.S. dollars. Free postage in the U.S. Mailing addresses in Georgia must add 6% sales tax.

Postage to other countries, please add $4 per year to Canada or Mexico, $12 per year to all other countries

We can accept credit cards only through PayPal (use the button below); please be sure to add $2 to your total to cover the fee that is charged to the Alliance and send a separate email to let us know exactly what you have ordered.

Our bank is able to accept checks and money orders in Canadian dollars without an additional fee at the exchange rate of CN$1.30 = US$1. (In other words, multiply your total in US dollars times 1.3 to find the correct amount in Canadian dollars.) Our bank may change the policy at any time; if it does, we will have to adjust the rate but you will still be able to use PayPal to place orders from Canada and other countries.

  Individual Subscription

2010 = with a Miranda linocut

and website password, $39

2011 = with a gift print and

website password, $39

2010 & 2011 = $75

  Individual member of an Alliance council (please mark your council in the list below)

2010 = with a Miranda linocut

and website password, $32

2011 = with a gift print and

website password, $32

2010 & 2011 = $62

Monotype Guild of New England
Baren Woodcut Forum
New York Society of Etchers
Boston Printmakers
Pittsburgh Print Group
California Society of Printmakers
Print Arts Northwest
Honolulu Printmakers
Printmakers of Cape Cod
Los Angeles Printmaking Society
Printmaking Council of New Jersey
Maritime & Atlantic Printmakers Society
Seattle Print Arts
Mid America Print Council
Southern Graphics Council
  Institution (museum, school, library; includes any subscription paid by an institution's check

2010 = with a Miranda linocut, $56

2011 = with a gift print, $56

2010 & 2011 = $110

For the student discount, please use the special form.

Back Issues and Artist Prints
See the Journal Index for each issue's contents and Artist Prints for the subscriber gift prints. The gift print is NOT included with separate issues, you must purchase the set to get the print(s) for that year. Please note that separate issues are NOT available for the last few years, see chart. We do not have a fancy shopping cart, so if you plan to use PayPal, please make a note of your choices and send that information to director Free shipping for back issues in the U.S. and Canada, please ask for shipping costs to other countries.

Spring $9 each
Fall $9 each Set includes both issues of the same year with the gift print.
First price is for current subscribers; second price (double) is for non-subscribers.
1993 - Spring 1993 - Fall
$48 Set with xerography by Jessie Nebraska Gifford
1994 - Spring 1994 - Fall
$24 $48 Set with color lithograph by Barry Smylie 
1995 - Spring 1995 - Fall
$28 $56 Set with "currency" by Barbara Yoshida 
1996 - Spring 1996 - Fall
$34 $68 Set with wood engraving by Douglas Dowd
1997 - Spring 1997 - Fall
$50 $100 Set with relief-printed etching by Kenneth Kerslake
1998 - Spring 1998 - Fall $45 $90 Set with full color computer print by Dot Krause
1999 - Spring 1999 - Fall $45 $90 Set with color screenprint by Kathryn Maxwel
2000 - Spring 2000 - Fall $34 $68 Set with letterpress by Walter Askin
2001 - Spring 2001 - Fall $45 $90 Set with color etching by April Katz
2002 - Spring 2002 - Fall $45 $90 Set with Frances Myers & Warrington Colescott collaboration
2003 - Spring 2003 - Fall $75 $150 Set with color inkjet and etching by Zdzislaw Sikora
2004 - Spring 2004 - Fall $40 $80 Set with color lithograph by Andrew Decaen
2005 - Spring 2005 - Fall $24 $48 Set with color screenprint by Tim High
2006 - Spring 2006 - Fall $24 $48 Set with wood engraving by Marsha Sweet
2007 - Spring 2007 - Fall $24 $48 Set with color lithograph by Sarah Whorf
  2008 - sold only as a set
$55 $110 Set with Hazelwood fold-in and one Hiratsuka color etching

Subscribers who received one Yuji Hiratsuka print at random may order additional images. Write to director -at- to tell us which print from the suite you want (click here to see all 16). $30 for one, $25 each for two or more prints

  2009 - sold only as a set        $32  $64  

Set with color letterpress by Laura Berman

and color inkjet by Karin Schminke  

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Print and mail this form with a check or money order in US or Canadian dollars to: 

The American Print Alliance
302 Larkspur Turn
Peachtree City GA

Or you may pay with a credit card using PayPal. We don't have a fancy shopping site, so BEFORE you click the button, please make a note of everything you want to order and the cost, including shipping for non-U.S. addresses. Send that information to director -at-

Be sure to add $2 per PayPal order, the amount it costs us for processing.

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