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  Alliance Exhibits

September 11 Memorial Portfolio

The idea of commemorating the victims with a memorial of images on paper, rather than stone or steel, is a reflection of our art. The portfolio is a simple and prevalent format among printmakers, which allows even a large group of prints to be sent for exhibition to many places. And this portfolio is very large, 445 artworks donated by artists from the United States, Canada and ten additional countries.

Thousands of people died because this country respects freedom of religion and speech and encourages all individuals to reach their full potential. We celebrate their individuality in that spirit of creativity. We hope our expression of sympathy comforts their families and friends, a nation and the world.


Detail of installation, Thomas Hospital, Fairhope, Alabama, September 2002

Soap Box Prints:

For a Cleaner Environment

The American Print Alliance organized an open portfolio of prints, paperworks and artists’ books. The environmental theme was interpreted broadly to include landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, fauna and flora, conservation and preservation, consumption, pollution, global warming, genetic diversity, endangered species, etc. We are currently seeking venues, especially environmental / ecological organizations like botanical gardens.

Melissa Kaup-Augustine

elemental, © 2006

Soap Box Prints 2:

Prints, Politics & Democracy

The newest Alliance traveling exhibition shows how prints express the rights and responsibilities of democracy and inspire people to defend freedoms, serve in elected office, vote, demonstrate and take part in political life. The exhibition itself demonstrates that prints can be an influential part of the democratic process. Opening during our 2008 Print Dialogue Days in Atlanta, the exhibit will travel for two to three years.

Margi Weir

Good Fences Make, 2008.

Digital print, 7.5 x 5.5".

Work from the Digital Art Studio

Work From the Digital Art Studio is an inspirational exhibit of 36 original artworks created using innovative techniques developed by artists Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause, and Bonny Lhotka over the last ten years. The exhibit provides a unique study of artistic methods by simultaneously embracing technique while demonstrating its transparency through the stylistically diverse approaches of the three artists. This exhibition will continue to travel under the auspices of the American Print Alliance, please contact us to schedule it for your venue.

Dorothy Simpson Krause, Bonny Lhotka,

and Karin Schminke
Digital Atelier Installation

 Exhibits Archive

Theater of the Mind

Visualize what goes on in your head, and print it! Figurative or literal, from the subconscious or the intellect, an outpouring of emotions or a carefully plotted intrigue, you're the impresario. Images might freeze a moment in a psychological spotlight, play out a narrative or capture the swirl of lights as the curtain rises. Entertain with comedy, melodrama, classical tragedy, off-off-Broadway or indie style. Let paper be your script and your stage. Whatever the scene or subject, be original and dramatic!

Susan Hoffman
Theater Female IV
© 2003

On/Off/Over the Edge

The prints, paperworks and bookworks selected for this travelling exhibition by the American Print Alliance explore the concept of the "edge" in all of its possibilities, from figurative to literal, formal to conceptual, psychological to physical. Enjoy a preview, see where the exhibit will be shown and schedule it in your area.

Kim Laurel

Diva Snack (Portrait of Tracy)


Scrolling the Page

The American Print Alliance has sponsored this competition and Internet exhibition of artists' books to amplify Turning the Page, a celebration of the book as art in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in September 1999. Scrolling the Page offers a useful survey of what's happening and how the book is being redefined as an educational resource to the world.

Susan Hensel
My House

Common Ground

Common Ground, an international travelling exhibition from the American Print Alliance, showed prints and artists' books that foster a vital community among artists and the general public. The exhibition demonstrated how these media engage popular audiences, address topics that concern everyone, and translate between personal and universal experience.

Donald Furst
421 Nights: Receive


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