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The Kenneth Kerslake Memorial Fund for Student Subscriptions
Kenneth A. Kerslake, 1930 – 2007

In honor of Ken Kerslake, who of all his many awards was proudest of his recognitions for teaching excellence, our board of directors has established The Kenneth Kerslake Memorial Fund for Student Subscriptions to Contemporary Impressions, the journal of the American Print Alliance.

Ken was one of the founders of the American Print Alliance and served on our board for many, many years; without him, the Alliance would probably never have survived. He was such an exceptional person as well as a superb artist: every conversation inspired us to think deeper and do more, every print stirred our emotions. He understood so well that students are the future and he treated students as colleagues – working together in the studio and talking together about the most significant issues in contemporary art and the world.

Ken's Fund subscriptions, like all our student subscriptions, will come with full benefits, including a website password, free posting of an image in the Print Bin, etc. Students must be enrolled full time in a college, community college, university or art institute and be nominated by our councils or by subscribers who teach printmaking, papermaking or book arts (scroll down for the fill-in form).

Kenneth A. Kerslake, Untitled for the September 11 Memorial Portfolio, 2002.  Aquatint, boiled grounds, etching and digital transfer, 10 x 8".

We will award as many subscriptions as possible each year, the number depending upon donations from our councils and individuals, by picking a name at random from each council's nominees and then continuing from all remaining nominees until we run out of funds. Usually we'll accept nominations from September to November and announce the winners in December. This first year, we will probably be able to give a relatively small number of subscriptions, but with a campaign for everyone teaching to add $5 almost automatically to their own subscription as a donation designated for Ken's Fund, we should be able to award many more in 2008 and beyond.

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Students must be enrolled full time at a college, community college, university or art institute, taking at least one class in printmaking, papermaking or book arts.
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