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Soap Box Prints:

For a Cleaner Environment

An Open Portfolio Exhibition and Sale to Benefit the American Print Alliance

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The American Print Alliance has organized an open portfolio of prints, paperworks and artists’ books by artists who are 2006 subscribers to Contemporary Impressions or members of our allied councils. One hundred and twenty prints were selected! See a selection below (more scans to be posted soon). The first venue was at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, with the official opening during our Print Dialogue Day, Saturday, October 6, 2007. It will also be shown during the 2008 Print Dialogue Days, September 25-27 at SCAD-Atlanta.

Environmental organizations are invited to show the portfolio at cost with no exhibit fee (i.e. just shipping and the cost of brochures). Please help our grassroots effort! Contact the botanical gardens and ecology organizations in which you are active, local offices of The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, etc., as well as your favorite “green” businesses. Ask the curators, owners or potential contributors towards underwriting a venue to contact director@printalliance.org. Schools, museums and galleries may schedule the exhibition at a nominal fee.

Sales of prints from the portfolio benefit the American Print Alliance exhibition program. The initial project to be funded will be posting the full September 11 Memorial Portfolio in a special section of our website and creation of a CD to give to each of the families. To check that a print is still available, please inquire by e-mail to director@printalliance.org; include your zip or postal code so that we can tell you the cost of shipping and insurance (usually about $10).


Travel Schedule

October 2 - November 9, 2007

Concurrent with Print Dialogue Days at Appalachian State University
Watauga Arts Council

Boone, North Carolina

September 22 - 28, 2008 (selections from the portfolio)

Concurrent with Print Dialogue Days

SCAD-Atlanta (Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta campus)

Atlanta, Georgia

October 2008

Longwood University

Farmville, Virginia

November 12 - December 12, 2008

Cape Cod Community College

West Barnstable, Massachusetts

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Kathryn Maxwell, Unnatural Selection, 2006. Screenprint, 4.75 x 10". $50

Hanne Niederhausen, Our Daily Discards, 2006. Inkjet print, 8 x 6". $60.

Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld, Sunday Morning, 2006. Waterless lithograph, 8 x 5.5". $300.


Ky Ober, On Shaky Ground, 2006. Photolithograph and monoprint, 8 x 10”. $125.

Helga Thomson, Icicle Trees, 2005. Archival digital inkjet print, 9 x 7". $100.

Sharri LaPierre, Live Simply, 2006. Alumigraph nature print, watercolor, translucent overleaf with text, 8 x 5". $95.


Dorothy Krause, Climate Change, 2006. Inkjet print (altered page from the artist's book), 8 x 10".

Kathryn Reeves, Natural Confusion (ACGT), 2006. Opaque pigment digital print, 8.75 x 6.5". $50.

Barbara Carr, H5N1, 2006. Woodcut, pochoir and relief, 8 x 6". $80.


Gerald Marcus, View from Keith's Meadow, 2006. Drypoint, 3 x 4". $250.

Muriel L. Hénault Locklin, Star of the Sea, 2006. Drypoint with lifted highlights, 6 x 9". $100.

Denise Kasof, Marsh I, 2005. Etching, drypoint and roulette, 2.88 x 2.5". $225.


Stephanie Smith, Nature, 2003. Woodcut and linocut, 7.25 x 10", $120.

Kelly Nelson, Omnivour's Dilemma, 2006. Lithograph, collage with broccoli and cauliflower, thread and punch, 10 x 8", $100.

Susan Talbot Hoffmann, Live Oak Cemetery: Vanishing Coastal Environment, 2006. Inkjet (digitized drawing), 10 x 8", $100.


Bonnie Baxter, Stay the Course, 1998. Screenprint, relieg and chine collé, 8 x 8", $200.

Polly Coté, Souvenir #4, 2006. Monoprint, 8.75 x 7", $300.

Terri Dilling, Lucky, 2006. Cyanotype and screenprint, 10 x 7.5", $175.


Deborah Cornell, Limulus Polyphemus II, 2002. Photoetching, 3 x 4", $100.

Deborah Cornell, Flourish, 2006. Digital print, 6 x 8", $100.


Judy Winograd, Totentanz, 2006. Monotype, 8 x 10", $90.

Sarah Whorf, Ocean Romance, 2006. Waterless lithography, 5 x 5", $25.

Karrie Swanson, Chroma Clusters, 2006. Photo intaglio, 4.75 x 8", $50.


Sarah Whorf, Buoy Snowflake, 2006. Relief engraving, 2 x 2", $10.

Sylvia Taylor, Dreams of a Final Theory, 2006. Linocut, 8 x 9", $160.

Sylvia Taylor, Baboon, 2005. Woodcut on gray paper, 4.75 x 6", $140.


Carol Lynn Kirchner, OneTree, A Grove, The Forest, 2006. Etching and mezzotint, 5.75 x 4", over linocut, 10 x 8", $85.

Robert Franzini, Straight Line Wind Ridge, 2006. Crayon stone lithograph, 10 x 7.25", $100.

Brad Widness, Kabekona Lake Swell #1, 2000. Etching, drypoint and mezzotint, 5.25 x 7", $300.


Ellen Jantzen, Carpio kallos, hybrid 1, 2005. Computer manipulated archival inkjet, 7 x 6.5", $150.

Ellen Jantzen, Assimilation, 2005. Computer manipulated archival inkjet, 7.5 x 6.5", $150.

Ellen Jantzen, Wet Land, 2006. Computer manipulated archival inkjet, 5.5 x 8 ", $150.




Jean Namiotka, Save the Golden Egg, 2006. Linocut, 9 x 6", $150.

Jocelyne Aird-Bélanger, Bleeding to Death, 2006. Etching, acrylic and collage, 6 x 6.5" plate, 7.25 x 9" composition. $175.


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