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Contemporary Print Collections

Open for Study

Surveys were sent to public collections expected to include contemporary prints in all 50 states in the US and almost every province in Canada. Only those who responded are included in this list. Each respondent confirmed that the collection includes original prints and/or artists' books dating from the 1960s to the present.

Most of these museums and universities have exhibition spaces that are open to the public, with changing shows of selected works from the institution's collections, although they do not necessarily present regular shows of prints or other works on paper. Appointment requirements and additional information about accessibility refers to opportunities to study works when they are not on exhibition. Unless otherwise noted, the works are available to the general public for study when not on exhibition. However, even if specific instructions for an appointment are not given, it is advised that you write or call for an appointment at least two weeks in advance of your visit. Although the information was gathered directly from each institution, policies do change, so confirm that the collection can accommodate you.

Photography, if allowed at all, almost always requires prior written permission.

Each entry includes a chart of the approximate number of contemporary prints, and/or artists' books.

  • US = United States
  • Can = Canada
  • Mex = Mexico
  • Amer = Central and South America
  • Eur = Europe
  • Asia = Asia
  • Afr = Africa
  • Aus = Australia and New Zealand
Go To:

Birmingham Museum of Art
2000 Eighth Ave N, Birmingham AL 35203-2278
205/254-2966, fax 205/254-271
Curator: Susan Stipple Elliott
Prints: US 240 / Mex 3 / Amer 1 / Eur 28 / Asia 20
Appointments: Telephone or written request to the Registrar.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
Mail: PO Box 230819, Montgomery AL 36123-0819
Location: One Museum Drive
334/244.5700, fax 334/244.5774
Curator: Margaret L. Ausfeld,
Prints: US 60 / Eur 14
Artists' Books: US 2
Appointments: Telephone for appointment to registrar's office 334/244.5700


Glenbow Museum
130 9th Ave SE, Calgary AB, T2G 0P3 Canada
403/268-4100, fax 403/265-9769
Curator: Cathy Mastin
Prints: US 9 / Can 1,139 / Eur 1
Artists' books: Can 1
Appointments: Telephone, written or e-mail request.

Medicine Hat Museum & Art Gallery
1302 Bomford Crescent SW, Medicine Hat AB, T1A 5E6 Canada
403/527-6266, fax 403/528-2464
Curator: Linda Carney
Prints: Can 30
Appointments: Telephone.


Arizona State University Art Museum
Print Study Room

Mail: PO Box 872911, Tempe, AZ 85287
Location: 10th Street & Mill Avenue
480/965-6656, fax 480/965-5254
Curator: Jean Makin,
Prints: no indication of number of contemporary prints, total collection (historic through contemporary) is about 3800 prints.
Artists' Books: about 12
Collecting focus: Includes Sue Coe Print Archive and Visual Arts Research Institute, ASU School of Art, Print Archive.
Appointments: Telephone for appointment.

The Heard Museum
2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004
602/252-8840, fax 602/252-9757
Curator of Fine Art: Margaret Archuleta
Prints: US 502 / Can 40 / Mex 1
Artists' Books: US 4
Collecting focus: Native people and their cultural heritage, with emphasis on traditional cultures of the greater Southwest and on the evolving Native American Art Movement.
Appointments: Not open to the general public. Open to artists and scholars. Complete an "Access to the Collection" form, confirm appointment with curator at least one week in advance.

University of Arizona Museum of Art
P.O. Box 210002, Tucson, AZ 85721-0002
Location: Speedway and Park Avenue
520/621-7567, fax 520-621-8770
Curators: Peter S. Briggs,, Betsy Hughes
Prints: US 700 / Can 30 / Mex 150 / Amer 30 / Eur 350 / Asia 50
Artists' Books: 150
Collecting focus: Contemporary work from artists all over the world.
Appointments: Telephone, fax, e-mail or written request.


The Arkansas Art Center
Mail: P.O. Box 2137, Little Rock, AR 72203
Location: 501 E. 9th Street, Little Rock, AR 72202
501/372-4000, fax 501/375-8053
Curator: Bryan Young,
Prints: US 965, others not yet catalogued by region.
Appointments: Appointment in advance required, telephone or written request.

Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas
701 main St, Pine Bluff AR 71601
870/536-3375, fax 870/536-3380
Curator: Judy Baletka
Prints: US 300 / Asia 120
Appointments: Appointment with focus for study required.

British Columbia

Burnaby Art Gallery
6344 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby BC, V5G 2J3 Canada
604/291-9441, fax 604/291-6776
Curator: Grace Eiko Thomson
Prints: US 400 / Can 3,500 / Eur 600
Collecting focus: Print archives.
Appointments: Not open to the general public. Open to artists and scholars, telephone or written request.


California State University, Chico
Janet Turner Print Collection
Mail: 400 W First St, Chico CA 95929-0820
Location: Laxson Auditorium at First and Salem Streets
530/898-4476, fax 530/898-4082
Curator: Catherine Sullivan,e-mail:
Prints: US 1,500 / Can 30 / Mex & Amer 80 / Eur 1,000 / Aus 20
Artists' Books: US 2
Appointments: Written request.

California State University, Long Beach
University Art Museum

1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach CA 90840
562/985-5761, fax 562/985-7602
Curator: Mary-Kay Lombino
Prints: US 150
Collecting focus: Collect works on paper from all exhibitions shown here.
Appointments: Request appointment with registrar, Marina Freeman, by telephone or e-mail

Laguna Art Museum
307 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach CA 92651
Curator: Bolton Colburn
Prints: No estimates of print collecton.
Collecting focus: California art to the present.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90036
213/857-6077, fax 213/939-3690
Also, The Robert Gore Rifkind Center for German Expressionist Studies at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
(213) 857-6165, fax (323) 857-4752
Graphics Collection Curator: Timothy O. Benson
Curator: Bruce Davis
Prints:US 5,000 / Eur 500
Artists' Books: US 10 / Eur 5
Collecting focus: Prints made in Los Angeles, archives of Cirrus Editions, comprehensive holdings of Tamarind and Gemini prints.
Appointments: Appointments made on time-available basis, with specific requests preferably in writing.

The Oakland Museum
1000 Oak St, Oakland CA 94607
510-238-2200, fax 510/238-2258
Curator: Karen Tsujimoto, e-mail:
Prints: US 40000 ( California )
Artists' Books: US 100
Collecting focus: California
Appointments: Make appointment with registrar Arthur Monroe, e-mail:

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
1130 State St, Santa Barbara CA 93101
805/963-4364, fax 805/966-6840
Works on Paper Center, 805/884-6457 or by e-mail:
Curator: Robert Henning
Prints: No estimates of numbers of contemporary works.
Appointments: Written request.

Stanford University Museum of Art
Lomita Dr and Museum Way, Stanford CA 94305-5060
650/ 723-4177, Fax: 650/725-0464
Curator: Betsy FrybergerFryberger, 650/725-0463, e-mail:
Prints: US 250 / Amer some / Eur some
Artists' Books: US 15 / Amer 2 / Eur 5
Collecting focus: Includes archive of Limestone Press/Hine Editions.

UCLA at the Armand Hammer Museum of Art
Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts

10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90024
310/443-7078, fax 310/443-7099
Curator: Cynthia Burlingham, e-mail:
Prints: US several hundred / Can 100 or less / Mex 100 or less / Amer 100 or less / Eur 500 / Asia 36 / Aus 24
Artists' Books: US 200 / Can 5 / Eur 250
Collecting focus: Includes archives from Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Tamarind Lithography Institute, Gemini, G.E.L. and Corita Kent.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.


University of Colorado at Boulder
CU Art Galleries
Mail: 318 UCB, Boulder CO 80309
Location: Sibell-Wolle Fine Arts Building on the university campus, one block east of the intersection of Euclid and Broadway
303/492-2551, fax 303/735-4179
Director: Susan Krane
Prints: US 2,600 / Mex 70 / Eur 1,500 / Asia 500 / Afr 20
Artists' Books: US 10. The Special Collections Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries has a collection of over 400 artists' books; contact
Collecting focus: Twentieth century American.
Appointments: Telephone and written requests considered; limited access and hours available.

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Wesleyan University Davison Art Center
301 High St, Middletown CT 06459-0487
860/685-2966, fax 860/685-2501
Curator: Stephanie Wiles, 860-685-2966
Prints: US 1,000 / Mex 10-15 / Amer 10-15 / Eur 200 / Asia 50
Appointments: Telephone.

Yale University Art Gallery
Prints, Drawings, & Photographs
201 York Street, New Haven, CT 06520
203/432-0628, fax 203/432-8862
Curator: Suzanne Boorsch
Prints: 8,500 Amer / 8,000 Eur / 6,000 Other
Artists' Books: US 200 / Eur 100
Appointments: Telephone or written request..

District of Columbia

Art Museum of the Americas
Organization of American States
Mail:1889 F St NW, Washington DC 20006
Location: 201 18th St NW, 202/458-6016, fax 202/458-6021
Collections Curator: Ana Maria Escallon, Director, e-mail:
Prints: Mex some / Amer 400
Collecting focus: 20th century Latin American and Caribbean.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

Georgetown University Library
Special Collections Division
3700 "O" St NW, Washington DC 20052-1006
202/687-7475, fax 202/687-7501
Curator, Special Collections and Archives: George M Barringer, e-mail:
Prints: US 100 - 200
Artists' Books: US few
Appointments: Verbal appointment OK, but strictly subject to our not being busy on other things.

Library of Congress
Rare Book and Special Collections Division

Mail: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington DC 20540-4740
Location: Room LJ-206, Thomas Jefferson Building
202/707-3448, Fax: 202/707-4142
Curator: Daniel De Simone, Rosenwald Curator, 202/707-5434
Artists' Books: US 4,000 (Fine Printing Collection) / Eur 300 (Artists' Book Collection)
Collecting focus: Includes archives of Janus Press, Grenfell Press, Yellow Barn Press.
Appointments: Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5, first-time users must have picture ID.

Library of Congress
Prints & Photographs Division
Mail: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington DC 20540-4730
Location: Room LM 337, James Madison Memorial Building
202/707-6394, Fax: 202/707-6647
Head Curator: Harry Katz
Assistant Curator for Fine Prints: Katherine L. Blood
Numbers not available for particular time periods.
Collecting focus: Graphic art collections include posters, fine and historical prints, documentary drawings, illustration, and graphic design -- numbering an estimated 500,000 items. International in scope, the collections are particularly rich in materials produced in, or documenting the history of, the United States and the lives, interests and achievements of the American people. There are approximately 100,000 fine prints, including most of the major figures and movements in the development of Western printmaking; this collection stretches from the 15th-century forward with particular strengths in American, European, Mexican, and Japanese prints from the 19th century to the present day.
Appointments: Telephone or written request 3-4 weeks in advance; include an address and phone number with correspondence. Researchers are asked to consult surrogates and bring their research to an advanced stage before asking to see originals. For guidelines for access to the collections please visit our website.

National Gallery of Art
6th and Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC 20565
202/842-6605, fax 202/842-6859
Curator: Ruth E. Fine
Prints: US 10,000
Artists' Books: US 60
Appointments: Study Room open Monday - Friday, 10 - noon and 2 - 4; schedule appointments in advance by telephone, 202/842-6380.

National Museum of American History
Graphic Arts Collection

Smithsonian Institution, MRC 633, Washington DC 20560
202/357-2877, fax 202/357-4256
Curator: Joan Boudreau
Prints: US 2,000 / Can few / Mex some / Amer few / Eur some / Asia some / Afr few / Aus few / Mid East some
Collecting focus: Technology/process; largest collection is the archive of Lynton Kistler, California lithographic printer.
Appointments: Appointments are accepted by telephone or written request and should be made as far ahead aspossible; access cannot be guaranteed on short notice.

National Museum of American Art
Mail: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. 20560-0970
Location: 8th and G Sts NW (note: closed for renovations, expected reopening in 2003)
202/275-1500, fax 202/786-2607
Senior Curator: Joann Moser
Prints: US 2,124
Appointments: Telephone or written request, Monday - Friday, 10 - 5. Exhibition related duties and collections maintenance dominate the curatorial schedule; therefore recommend a minimum of two weeks notice. The Museum reserves the right to limit visits to one hour and/or no more than 10 objects per visit.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Ave NW, Washington DC 20005-3920
202/783-5000, fax 202/393-3235
Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art: Susan Fisher Sterling
Curator of Artists' Books: Krystyna Wasserman, 202-783-7365
Appointments: Letter or telephone.


Florida Atlantic University, Wimberly Library
The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection: Books as Aesthetic Objects
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
561/297-0226 fax 561/338-3863
Arthur Jaffe, John Cutrone
Artists' books:
approximately 4000 artists' books, limited edition books and reference materials on the book arts
Collecting focus:
all aspects of the book arts
E-mail or telephone in advance. The Jaffe Atrium Gallery, located in the lobby outside the Jaffe Collection, is available without appointment during regular library hours.

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
Mail: 250 FAB, Tallahassee FL 32306-2055
Location: 250 Fine Arts Building, Call and Copeland Streets
850/644-6836, fax 850/644-7229
Curator: Allys Palladino-Craig, 850-644-1254, e-mail:
Prints: US 550 / Asia 5
Artists' Books: US 3 / Asia 1
Appointments: Appointment in advance.

Orlando Museum of Art
Loch Haven Park, 2416 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803-1483
407/896-4231, Fax: 407/896-9920
Curator: Sue Scott, Adjunct
Prints: US 200
Collecting focus: Post-World War II American prints.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

University of Florida Samuel P Harn Museum of Art
Mail: PO Box 112700, Gainesville FL 32611-2700
Location: SW 34th Street and Hull Road
352/392-9826, fax 352/392-3892
Curator of Collections curator: Larry D Perkins
Prints: US 400
Collecting focus: Includes major collection of prints by Kenneth Kerslake.
Appointments: Open to artists and scholars. Please request appointment prior to visit, contact curator or registrar, Mary Margaret Carr.


Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
571 South Kilgo Street Atlanta GA 30322
404/727-4282, fax 404/727-4292
Assistant Curator: Margaret Shufeldt, , 404/727-2732,

University of Georgia Georgia Museum of Art
Mail: 90 Carlton Street, Athens, GA 30602-6719
Location: Performing and Visual Arts Complex on the East Campus of the University of Georgia
706/542-3255, fax 706/542-1051
Curator: Romita Ray, 706/542-0487,
Prints: US 550 / Can 2 / Mex & Amer 7 / Eur 30 / Asia 4 / Aus 1
Artists' Books: US 1
Appointments: Telephone or written request.


The Contemporary Museum
2411 Makiki Heights Dr, Honolulu HI 96822
808/526-1322, fax 808/536-5973
Curator: James Jensen
Prints: US 300 / Mex & Amer 5 / Eur 5 / Asia 5
Collecting focus: Pacific Rim and U.S. mainstream
Appointments: Written request.

Honolulu Academy of Arts
900 S Beretania St, Honolulu HI 96814
808/532-8700, fax 808/532-8787
Western Art (incl. print collection) 808/532-8772
Curator: Jennifer Saville
Prints: No estimates of numbers of prints. US / Can / Mex / Eur / Aus
Artists' Books: US / Can / Eur
Appointments: Telephone or write two to three weeks in advance.


Art Institute of Chicago
Mail: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60603
Location: Michigan Avenue at Adams Street
312/443-3660, fax 312/443-0849
Curator: Douglas Druick, Assistant Curator/Print Study Room: Mark Pascale, e-mail
Prints: US & Eur several thousand
Artists' Books: Artists' books collected by the Flaxman Library in the School of the Art Institute, 37 S. Wabash, 6th floor, 312/899-5098; focus is on offset or mass-produced books
Collecting focus: Broad print collection includes the ULAE Archive and Collected editions 1957-1982, Tamarind editions 1960-1963.
Appointments: Appointment recommended; telephone, written or e-mail request to Mark Pascale.

Bradley University Art/Print Collection
College of Fine Arts
Mail: 1501 W. Bradley Avenue 309/676-7611, Peoria IL 61625
Location: Heuser Art Center
309/677-2989, fax 309/677-2330
Curator: John Heintzman, e-mail:
Prints: US 750 / Can 1 / Eur 10
Collecting focus: Archive for Cradle Oak Press of Bradley University.
Appointments: Telephone to arrange an appointment.

Northern Illinois University
NIU Art Museum
Altgeld Hall, DeKalb IL 60115
815/753-1936, fax 815/753-7897
Curator: Josephine Burke, e-mail:

Collections Manager: Peter Olson, e-mail:
Prints: US 600 / Can 10 / Mex & Amer 10 / Eur 300 / Asia 150
Appointments: Request in advance, contingent on staff availability.


Northwestern University
Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art
1967 S Campus Dr, Evanston IL 60208-2410
847/491-4000, fax 847/467-4609
Director: David Mickenberg, e-mail
Assistant Curator: Debora Wood, 847/491-8016, e-mail
Prints: US 360 / Eur 57 / Asia 6 / Afr 14
Collecting focus: Emphasis on the W.P.A.
Appointments: Written request.


Midwest Museum of American Art
Mail: PO Box 1812, Elkhart IN 46516
Location: 429 S Main Street
219/293-6660, fax same
Curator: Brian D. Byrn
Prints: US 315
Collecting focus: 20th century American
Appointments: Telephone at least one week in advance.


Grinnell College Print and Drawing Study Room
Mail: Grinnell College Libraries, 1111 6th Avenue, Grinnell, IA 50112
Location: basement of Burling Library
641/269-3350, 641/269-3371
Director: Kay Jenkins, e-mail:
Prints: US 1000 / Eur 200
Artists' Books: US 25
Appointments: Written or telephone request.


Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Special Collections
1515 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, KS 66604
Curator, Prints: Zan Popp,

Curator, Books: Brea Black,
Prints: US 700 / Eur 100 / Asia 20
Artists' Books: US 233 / Can 2 / Mex 2 / Amer 1 / Eur 12
Collecting focus: All forms of the book arts. Contemporary American prints focusing on Kansas artists.
Appointments: For collections viewing: call, write, or email for an appointment. Print collection: 785-580-4586. Book collection: 785-580-4512.

University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art
1301 Mississippi St., Lawrence, KS 66045-7500
785/864-4710, 785/864-0128, fax 785/864-3112
Curator: Stephen Goddard, Print Dept, e-mail:
Prints: US 500 / Can, Mex, Amer 80 / Eur 550 / Asia 300
Artists' Books: US 10
Appointments: Telephone.

Wichita State University
Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art
1845 Fairmount, Wichita KS 67260-0046
316/978-3664, fax 316/978-3898
Curator: Elizabeth Dunbar, 316/978-6857, e-mail
Prints: US 700 / Mex 7 Amer 20 / Eur 80
Appointments: Written request to the Collection Manager, Art Martin, 316/978-5850, e-mail


The J B Speed Art Museum
2035 S Third St, Louisville KY 40208
502/634-2700, 502/636-2893, fax 502/636-2899
Curator: Ruth Cloudman
Prints: US 100 / Can 1 / Aus 4
Appointments: Call or write two to four weeks in advance to schedule an appointment.


McNeese State University Abercrombie Gallery
Shearman Fine Arts Center
Mail: P.O. Box 92295
Location: Ryan & Sale Streets Lake Charles, LA 70609
337/475-5060, Fax 337/475-5927
Curator: Bill Iles
Prints: US 50
Collecting focus: Purchase award winners from the annual Works on Paper Exhibition.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.


Bates College Museum of Art
75 Russell St, Lewiston ME 04240-6028
207/786-6158, fax 207/786-6123
Curator: Genetta McLean
Prints: US 300-400 / Amer 5 / Eur 200
Artists' Books: US 5 / Eur 15 (Britain)
Appointments: Written requests are preferred but telephone appointments are accepted.

Portland Museum of Art
7 Congress Square, Portland ME 04101
207/775-6148, fax 207/773-7324
Curator: April Gallant
Prints: US 1,000 / Eur 250
Artists' Books: US 50 / Eur 25
Collecting focus: Pop, primarily U.S.; many prints from Vinalhaven Press
Appointments: Telephone or written request.


Baltimore Museum of Art
Dept of Prints, Drawings and Photographs

10 Art Museum Dr, Baltimore MD 21218-3898
410/396-6345, fax 410/395-6562
Artists' books in the Library, Elizabeth Crouse, 410/396-6347
Curator: Jay Fisher, Associate Curator: Jan Howard
Prints: US 500 / Eur 200
Artists' Books: US 50 / Eur 25
Appointments: Telephone for appointment.


Art Complex Museum
Mail: PO Box 2814, Duxbury MA 02331
Location: 189 Alden St
781/934-6634, fax 781/934-5117
Curator of collections: Nancy W Grinnell
Prints: US 300 / Can 1 / Mex 2 / Asia 20
Artists' Books: US 1
Collecting focus: Most of the contemporary prints were purchased through the Boston Printmakers from their annual exhibit at the Art Complex Museum.
Appointments: Written request to Charles Weyerhaeuser, Director.

Davis Museum and Cultural Center
106 Central St, Wellesley MA 02481-8203
781-283-2051, 781/283-2059, fax 781/283-2064
Curator: Lucy Flint-Gohlke, e-mail:
Prints: US 168 / Amer 1 / Eur 78 / Asia 3
Appointments: Telephone Lisa McDermitt, registrar, 617/283-2052

Fogg Art Museum Harvard University Art Museums
32 Quincy St, Cambridge MA 02138
617/495-2393, fax 617/496-3800
Curator: Marjorie B Cohn, e-mail:
Prints: US 1,800 / Mex 5 / Amer 5 / Eur 200 / Asia 10 / Afr 5
Artists' Books: US 25 / Eur 2
Appointments: Open hours without appointment Tuesday - Friday, 2 - 4:45, Saturday 10 - 12:45 (Saturday during academic year only); otherwise by appointment.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Prints, Drawings & Photographs Dept

465 Huntington Ave, Boston MA 02115-5523
617/369-3426, fax 617/536-4102
Curator: Clifford Ackley
Prints: US 3,600 / Mex 130 / Eur 3,020 / Aus 2
Artists' Books: US 58 / Mex 2 / Eur 66 / Asia 3
Appointments: Written request including accession numbers. requests for sketching limited to framed objects, three per visit.

Smith College Museum of Art
Elm St at Bedford Terrace Northampton MA 01063
Note: closed for renovations until 2003
413/585-2760, fax 413/585-2782
Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs: Suzannah Fabing
Prints: US 435 / Can 11 / Mex 9 / Eur 55 / Asia 6 / Afr 3
Artists' Books: US 4 / Eur 9
Appointments: Works may be viewed during drop-in hours, Tuesday - Friday, 1 - 4; other times by appointment.

Worcester Art Museum
55 Salisbury St, Worcester MA 01609
508/799-4406, Ext. 3018 or 3020, fax 508/798-5646
Curator: David Acton, Asst. Curator: Maura Brennan
Prints: US 1,000 / Can 1 / Mex 1 / Amer few / Eur 100 / Asia 30
Artists' Books: US 1
Collecting focus: The collection is conceived as a comprehensive one, with strenths in the history of color prints, particularly American and European; Abstract Expressionist Prints; Will Barnet prints to 1995.
Appointments: Telephone the Assistant Curator, Maura Brennan, at (508) 799-4406 ext. 3018. The print room is closed on the weekends. It is preferable to make appointments when the Museum is open (Wednesday-Friday, 11am-5pm), but visitors can make arrangements on Mondays and Tuesdays with advanced notice.


Cranbrook Art Museum
Mail: P.O. Box 801, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801
Location: 39221 Woodward Avenue
248/645-3323, fax 248/645-3324
Curator: Irene Hoffman, e-mail
Prints: US 950 / Eur 25 / Asia 25
Appointments: Not open to the general public. Open to artists and scholars by prior appointment only, please call or write.

University of Michigan Museum of Art
525 S State St, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1354
734/764-0395, fax 734/764-3731
Curator: Annette Dixon, 734/647-0524, e-mail
Prints: US 537 / Can 2 / Mex & Amer 14 / Eur 219 / Aus 2
Artists' Books: US 7 / Eur 2
Appointments: Written request preferred.


The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 Third Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55404
612/870-3105, fax 612/870-3004
Curator: Richard J Campbell
Prints: US 2,000 / Can 10 / Mex / Amer 10 / Eur 500 / Asia 40 / Afr 5
Artists' Books: US 120 / Eur 35
Collecting focus: Includes the Vermillion Archive Collection (1978-1993).
Appointments: One week notice for individuals, three weeks notice for groups.


Mississippi Museum of Art
201 E Pascagoula St, Jackson MS 39201
601/960-1515, fax 601/960-1505
Curator: Rene Paul Barilleaux, e-mail:
Prints:US 420 / Mex & Amer 10 / Eur 150 / Asia 40
Artists' Books: US 10
Collecting focus: Museum's focus is on Mississippi and regional artists.
Appointments: Not open to the general public, open to artists if special arrangements are made, open to scholars with academic credentials. Written request preferred.


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
4525 Oak St, Kansas City MO 64111-1873
816/751-1281, fax 816/561-7154
Curator: George McKenna
Prints: US 350 / Eur 20
Artists' Books: US 20
Appointments: Telephone or letter several days in advance.

The Saint Louis Art Museum
1 Fine Arts Dr, St Louis MO 63110-1380
314/721-0072, fax 314/721-6172
Curator: Barbara Butts
Prints: US 180 / Can 1 / Eur 90 / Asia 23 / Aus 1
Appointments: Open to artists, telephone request.


University of Nebraska Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery
12th & R Sts, Lincoln NE 68588-0300
402/472-2461, fax 402/472-9185
Curator/Assistant Director: Dan Siedell, e-mail:
Prints: US 1,500 / Can 10 / Mex 5 / Amer 5 / Eur 200 / Asia 15
Artists' Books: US 50 / Eur 5
Appointments: Open only to scholars with academic credentials, written request.

New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick Art Centre
Mail: PO Box 4400, Fredericton NB, E3B 5A3 Canada
Location: Memorial Hall (on Bailey Drive)
506/453-4623, fax 506/453-5012
Director: Marie E Maltais, e-mail:
Prints: Can 300
Collecting focus: Mainly contemporary New Brunswick and Atlantic Canadian artists.
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

New Jersey

Hunterdon Art Center
7 Lower Center St, Clinton NJ 08809
908/735-8415, fax 908/735-8416
Curator: Kristen Crawford
Prints: US 200
Collecting focus: The collection is mostly the result of purchase prizes awarded at national juried shows at the center over a 40 year period.
Appointments: Telephone or written request, restricted to office hours of Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 5.

Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum
Rutgers, The State Univ of New Jersey
George & Hamilton Sts, New Brunswick NJ 08903
908/932-7237, fax 908/932-8201
Director: Phillip Dennis Cate, e-mail:
Prints: US 5,000
Artists' Books: US 150
Collecting focus: General collection 1960 to present, plus Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios (1982-1995), see article in Contemporary Impressions, v.1 #2.
Appointments: Open only to students and scholars with specific research purposes. Call well in advance to discuss research needs and make appointment.

The Newark Public Library Fine Print Collection
Special Collections Division, 5 Washington St, Newark NJ 07102
973/733-7745, fax: 973/733-5648
Supervising Librarian and Keeper of Prints and Posters: William J Dane
Prints: US 500 / Amer 300 (Puerto Rico) / Asia 150 (Japan)
Artists' Books: US 450
Collecting focus: Focus on American artists 1800 - 1994; current interests are prints from Puerto Rico, African-American artists, Japanese prints from 1950 to augment a collection of 18th and 19th century Japanese prints, and more contemporary British and European artists.
Appointments: Telephone or written requests in advance so materials may be assembled.

Princeton University
The Art Museum

Mail: Princeton NJ 08544-1018
Location: 105 McCormick Hall
609/258-3764 or 3787, fax 609/258-5949
E-Mail: artmus@Princeton.EDU
Assoc. Curator of Prints & Drawings: Barbara T Ross, e-mail: btross@Princeton.EDU
Prints: US 250-300 / Mex few / Amer few
Artists' Books: US 10-12 Artists' books are primarily in the Graphic Arts Collection, Princeton University Library.
Appointments: Open to anyone with a serious interest, by appointment only, Tuesday - Friday 10 - 4:30. It is especially important to make advance arrangements for contemporary works; because of their large size, many are kept framed and stored elsewhere in the Museum. Write, telephone or fax for an appointment.

New Mexico

New Mexico State University
University Art Gallery
Mail: PO Box 30001, MSC 3572, Los Cruces NM 88003-8001
Location: Williams Hall on University Avenue, east of Solano
505/646-2545, fax 505/646-8036
Curators: Charles Lovell and Rosemary McLoughlin, 505/646-6110
Prints: US 250 / Mex 2 / Asia 1
Artists' Books: US 20
Appointments: Telephone or written request at least two weeks in advance.

New York

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY 14222-1095
716/882-8700, fax 716/882-1958
Curators: Douglas Dreishpoon and Kenneth Wayne
Prints: numbers not available for contemporary prints, but approximately 3,000 works on paper
Collecting focus: Post-1945 American
Appointments: Written request required.

Cornell University
Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art
Ithaca NY 14850
Location: Central and University Avenues
607/254-4640, fax 607/255-9940
Curator: Nancy E Green
Prints: US 1,000 / Can 10 / Mex 10 / Amer 5 / Eur 200 / Asia 30
Artists' Books: US 30 / Eur 20
Appointments: Appointment required, telephone at least two weeks in advance; if known, a list of the works to be seen should be given in advance. Maximum 20 objects per visit; Asian works are housed in the Asian collection (contact Ellen Avril, Curator, or (607) 254-4509.

The Hispanic Society of America
613 W 155th St, New York NY 10032
212/926-2234, fax 212/690-0743
Iconography Dept
Prints: US 2 / MEx 2 / Amer 3 / Eur 15
Artists' Books: Eur 1
Collecting focus: Works of Hispanic, especially Spanish, artists.
Appointments: Appointment required, especially because the department is not staffed full time.

Hofstra Museum
112 Hofstra University, Hempstead NY 11549-1090
516/463-5672 or 5673, fax 516/463-4743
Curator: Eleanor Rait
Prints: US 700 / Mex 7 / Amer 20 / Eur 275 / Asia 15
Artists' Books: US 15 / Eur 10
Appointments: Advance notice required, written request preferred.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dept of Drawings & Prints

1000 Fifth Ave, New York NY 10028-0198
212/570-3920, fax 212/570-3921
Curator of Contemporary Prints: Elliot Bostwick Davis
Collecting focus: Prints includes all areas but no estimates of numbers of contemporary works; for example, there are 50,000 American prints from colonial times to the present. Prints from Asia are housed in the Asian Dept.
Collecting focus: History of printmaking in the broader context.
Appointments: Call in advance for appointment, requires a picture ID.

El Museo del Barrio
1230 Fifth Ave, New York NY 10029
212/831-7272, fax 212/831-7927
Acting Curator: Susana Torruella Leval
Prints: Mex few hundred / Amer several hundred
Collecting focus: Work by Latin American artists from all over the world, produced after 1950.
Appointments: Letter (with letterhead, if applicable) explaining purpose of visit; appointment confirmation from Registrar.

The Museum of Modern Art
Dept of Prints and Illustrated Books

11 W 53rd St, New York NY 10019
212/708-9561, fax 212/333-1120
The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Print Room, 212/708-9567; Library 212/708-9433, fax 212/333-1122
Chief Curator: Riva Castleman, Curator: Deborah Wye
Prints: Collection of 10,000 contemporary prints, primarily US and Eur. More traditional livres d'artiste are here, the artists' books are housed in the library's Special Collection.
Collecting focus: General, plus a complete archive of Universal Limited Art Editions and of Tamarind Workshop (1960-1970).
Appointments: Telephone or written request to Andrea Feldman, Assistant Curator, 212/708-9567; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2 - 5.

Museum of the City of New York
Mail: 1220 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10029
Location: Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street
212/534-1672 x256, fax 212/534-5974
Curator: Bob Shamis
Prints: US 200
Collecting focus: Prints of New York City, mostly 17th to early 20th centuries.
Appointments: Must have a specific request, must make a research appointment at least two weeks in advance, written or telephone request to Collections Access Dept., 212/534-1672 ext. 262.

New York Public Library: Print Collection
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
New York, NY 10018
212-930-0817, fax 212-930-0530
Prints: US 35,000 / Can 100 / Mex 50 / Amer 50 / Eur 15,000 / Asia 200 / Afr 50 / Aus 10
Artists' books: US 1,500 / Amer 50 / Eur 1,000 / Asia 10 / Aus 2
Collecting focus: The contemporary print collection is part of an encyclopedia collection of nearly 200,000 prints, which surveys the history of Western printmaking from the 15th century to the present and Japanese prints from the 10th century to the present. The collection of artists' books complement holdings of illustrated books in the Print Collection, as well as contemporary livres d'artiste in Spencer Collection, also serviced
by the staff of the Print Collection. In addition to livres d'artiste, Spencer Collection surveys the illustrated word and book bindings of all periods and all countries and cultures, from medieval manuscripts, Japanese scrolls, and Indian miniatures to monuments in Renaissance printing, illustration and binding.
Appointments: No appointment is necessary, but visitors must have an Access
card, obtained in Room 315 (the application can be filled out online), as well as a card of admission to the Prints and Photographs Study Room, issued by the Office of Special Collections (Room 316). Both cards can readily be obtained with photo ID at the time of the visit; see the Library's website. Material in Spencer Collection must be requested with 24 hours notice.

Niagara University, Castellani Art Museum
Mail: Niagara University, NY 14109-1938
Location: Route 104 to Niagara University, the museum is at the center of campus.
716/286-8294 (Registrar, Kathy Fraas), fax 716/286-8289
Curator: Eric Jackson-Forsberg,
Prints: US 422 / Can 2 / Mex 14 / Amer 14 / Eur 238 / Asia 3
Artists’ Books: 2
Collecting focus: Art of the 1970s and 1980s.
Appointments: Telephone request to the registrar or curator.

Whitney Museum of American Art
Mail: 945 Madison Ave, NY NY 10021
Location: Madison Avenue at 75th Street
212/570-3676, fax 212/570-1804
Curator: No curator of prints (Adjunct curator for prints: David Kiehl)
Prints: US 3,000-4,000
Appointments: Call or write in advance; there is no study room.

North Carolina

Mint Museum of Art
2730 Randolph Rd, Charlotte NC 28207
704/337-2005, fax 704/337-2101
Registrar: Martha Tonissen Mayberry, e-mail:
Prints: US 700 / Eur 300 / Asia 3
Artists' Books: Eur 11 (Britain)
Appointments: Not open to the general public, open to students/class with professor, open to scholars with academic credentials. Telephone or written request at least two weeks in advance.

University of North Carolina
Ackland Art Museum

Mail: Campus Box 3400, Chapel Hill NC 27599-3400
Location: Columbia Street near the Franklin Street intersection in downtown Chapel Hill
919/966-5736, fax 919/966-1400
Curator: Timothy A Riggs
Prints: US 200 / Can 4 / Amer 14 / Asia 16
Artists' Books: US 10 / Eur 22
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

University of North Carolina
Joseph C. Sloane Art Library

Mail: Campus Box 3405, Chapel Hill NC 27599-3405
Location: Columbia Street near the Franklin Street intersection in downtown Chapel Hill
Curator: Josh Hockensmith (Art Library Assistant), Heather Gendron (Art Librarian)
Artists' Books: ca. 500 (US, Eur, and Latin American)
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

University of North Carolina Weatherspoon Art Gallery
Mail: PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Location: Spring Garden and Tate Streets
336/334-5770, fax 336/334-5907
Curator: Will South
Prints: US 1,500 / Eur 250 / Asia 500
Artists' Books: US 5 / Eur 27
Appointments: Telephone request, with a confirming written request to the registrar's office, at least two weeks in advance. Arrangements for number of works to be handled safely will be discussed with the registrars


Cincinnati Art Museum
953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati OH 45202
513/639-2995 or -2984, fax 513/721-0129
Curator of Prints, Drawings & Photographs: Kristin Spangenberg, e-mail:
Prints: No estimates of number of works.
Collecting focus: Carl Solway publications, Cincinnati.
Appointments: Prior appointment required.

Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Blvd, Cleveland OH 44106-1797
216/421-7340, fax 216/421-0411
Curator: Jane Glaubinger
Prints: US 700 / Can 10 / Mex 10 / Amer 10 / Eur 75 / Asia 200
Artists' Books: US 10 / Eur 5 / Asia 2
Collecting focus: Includes the archive of the Print Club of Cleveland Publication Prints; over 50 works, mostly monoprints, from the Garner Tullis Workshop.
Appointments: Call two weeks in advance.

The Dayton Art Institute
456 Belmonte Park North, Dayton OH 45405-4700
937/223-277, fax 937/223-3140
Curator: Dominique H. Vasseur
Prints: US 300 / Mex & Amer 15 / Eur 75 / Asia 10
Artists' Books: US 15 / Eur 5
Appointments: Telephone appointment required, one-hour limit to study session.

Oberlin College Allen Memorial Art Museum
87 N Main St, Oberlin OH 44074-1161
440/775-8665, fax 440/775-8799
Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art: Goran Tomcic, e-mail:
Prints: US 450 / Eur 85
Appointments: Appointment by written or telephone request at least one week in advance. Limit of 20 works, time limited to one hour.

Ohio State University
The Wexner Center for the Arts

Mail: 1871 N High St, Columbus OH 43210-1393
Location: North High Street and 15th Avenue
614/292-0330, fax 614/292-3369
Curator: Sarah Rogers
Prints: US 220 / Eur 54 / Asia 4
Collecting Focus: 20th century, highlighting Conceptual, Minimal and Post-Minimal Art of the 1960s and 1970s.
Appointments: Telephone a few days in advance.

Ohio University
Kennedy Museum of American Art
Lin Hall, Athens OH 45701
740/593-1304, fax 740/593-1305
Curator: Sally Delgado, 740/593-0953, e-mail
Prints: US 1,600
Collecting focus: U.S. 1960s to 1980s
Appointments: Written request required.

Toledo Museum of Art
Mail: P.O. Box 1013, Toledo, Ohio 43697
Location: 2445 Monroe Street at Scottwood Avenue
419/255-8000, 800/644-6862, fax 419/244-2217
Curator of Graphic Arts: Christine Swenson
Insufficient staff to provide numbers of contemporary prints, indication of 20th century works with approximate percentages in two most represented areas.
Prints: US 20% / Can + / Mex + / Eur 75% / Asia +
Artists' Books: US 33% / Can + / Mex + / Eur 35% / Asia +
Appointments: Call or write to set appointment; require at least two weeks advance notice.


University of Oklahoma
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

410 West Boyd Street, Norman, OK 73019
405/325.3272, fax 405/325.7696
Director/Curator: Eric M. Lee
Artists' Books: US 2 / Eur 10
Collecting focus: The collections are diverse, including Pop, Conceptualism, and Minimalism; a particular strength is British printmaking of the 1960s and 1970s.
Appointments: Telephone, written or e-mail request. Contact Gail Kana
Anderson,, Assistant Director/Curator of Collections, two weeks in advance.


Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas St West, Toronto ON, M5T 1G4 Canada
416/979-6660 Ext. 483, fax 416/979-6666
Curator: Jessica Bradley
Prints: US 433 / Can 748 / Mex 2 / Amer 3 / Eur 560 / Asia 8 / Aus 10
Artists' Books: US 2 / Can 14
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

McMaster University
McMaster Museum of Art

Mail:1280 Main St W, Hamilton ON, L8S 4L8 Canada
Location: Mills Library on University Avenue
905/525-9140, fax 905/527-4548
Director and Curator: Kim G Ness, e-mail:
Prints: US 50 / Can 550 / Eur 175 / Aus -
Artists' Books: Eur 15 / Aus 1
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

National Library of Canada Special Collections
395 Wellington St, Ottawa ON, K1A 0N4 Canada
613/947-0828, fax 613/995-1969
Curator, Rare Book Collections: Michel Brisebois
Artists' Books: Can 2,000 / Eur sampling from Britain and France
Appointments: Advance notice preferred.

Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery
840 First Ave West, Owen Sound ON, N4K 4K4 Canada
519/376-1932, fax 519/376-3037
Curator: Stuart Reid
Prints: Can 100
Appointments: Telephone or written request.

University of Toronto
The Gallery, Scarborough Campus

1265 Military Trail, Scarborough ON, M1C 1A4 Canada
Curator: Nancy Campbell, e-mail:
Prints: US 2 / Can 50 / Asia 3
Artists' Books: US 50 / Can 1
Collecting focus: Contemporary Canadian prints and small works on paper


Portland Art Museum
Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts
1219 SW Park Ave, Portland OR 97205
503/226-2811 x234, fax 503/226-4842
Prints: US 5,000 / Can 100 / Mex 200 / Amer 50 / Eur 4,000 / Asia 750 / Afr 10 / Aus 15
Artists' Books: US 50 / Eur 20 / Asia 10
Appointments: Telephone or written requests, especially for groups; indicate area of interest.


The Fabric Workshop Museum
1315 Cherry St, 5th floor, Philadelphia PA 19107
215/922-7303, fax 215/922-3791
215/ 568 1111, fax 215/568 8211
Registrar: Elizabeth McIlvaine, Artistic Director: Marion Boulton Stroud
Prints: US 600 / Can 3 / Mex 6 / Eur 50 / Asia 25 / Afr 12 / Aus 1
Artists' Books: US very small number
Collecting focus: All works in the permanent collection are the result of the artist-in-residence program at the Fabric Workshop and were made in the studio on the premises.
Appointments: Written or telephone.

The Free Library of Philadelphia
Print and Picture Collection

1901 Vine St, Philadelphia PA 19103
215/686-5405, fax 215/563-3628
Curator: Joseph Benford
Prints: US 4,000 (about 8,500 total) / Eur mostly 19th century and earlier (about 2,000 total)
Artists’ Books: US 20
Collecting focus: Mostly, though not exclusively, artists from the Philadelphia region.
Appointments: Telephone or written requests appreciated, but will accommodate walk-ins if time permits. Valid picture ID required.

Philadephia Museum of Art
Dept of Prints, Drawings & Photographs

Benjamin Franklin Pkwy at 26th St, PO Box 7646, Philadelphia PA 19101-7646
215/684-7660, fax 215/235-0047
Senior Curator: Innis Howe Shoemaker, Curator of Prints: John Ittmann
Prints: US 2,000 / Can 100 / Mex 200 / Amer 100 / Eur 1,000
Artists' Books: US 20 / Eur 20

South Carolina

Gibbes Museum of Art
135 Meeting St, Charleston SC 29401
843/722-2706, fax 843/720-1682
Registrar: Lisa Denisevich
Prints: US 241 / Eur 12
Collecting focus: American historical and contemporary Japanese woodblock prints.
Appointments: Open only to scholars with academic credentials, call or write for appointment with the Registrar.


Knoxville Museum of Art
1050 World's Fair Park Dr, Knoxville TN 37916-1653
865/525-6101, fax 865/546-3635
Curator: Stephen C. Wicks, Assistant Curator: Leslie Tate Boles
Prints: US 325
Appointments: Written request outlining the research being done and the exact time, date and length of stay required by the visitor.

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Overton Park, 1934 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN 38104
901/544-6200, fax 901/725-4071
Curator: Dana Holland-Beickert
Prints: US 1,900 / Mex & Amer 29 / Eur 369
Artists' Books: US 119 / Can 1 / Eur 20 / Asia 1
Appointments: Required.

University of Tennesee, Knoxville
C. Kermit Ewing Gallery of Art
1715 Volunteer Blvd, Knoxville TN 37996-2410
865/974-3200, fax 865/974-3198
Curator: Sam Yates
Prints: US 2,000 / Eur 20 / Asia 50
Appointments: Telephone or written request at least two weeks in advance.


Sweet Briar College
Anne Gary Pannell Center

Sweet Briar, Virginia, 24595
804/381-6248, fax 804/381-6173
Curator: Rebecca Massie Lane, e-mail:
Prints: US 100+ / Eur 100+ / Asia 75+
Collecting focus: Contemporary works on paper by women artists.
Appointments: Written request, appointments made as personnel are available to assist with handling prints. Not open to the general public; open to artists and scholars.

Art Museum of Western Virginia
One Markert Square, SE, 2nd floor, Roanoke VA 24011-1436
540/342-5760, fax 540/342-5798
Curator: Susannah Koerber
Prints: US 369 / Can 7 / Mex 2 / Eur 115 / Asia 216
Artists' Books: US 3 / Eur 2 / Asia 11
Collecting focus: American, epecially regionalist; Japanese.
Appointments: Telephone request is sufficient.


Marquette University
Mail: P. O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Location: 13th and Clybourn Streets on the Marquette campus
414/288-1669 , fax 414/288-5415
Associate Curator: Annemarie Sawkins
Prints: US 320 / Can 31 (one artist) / Mex 1 / Amer 5 / Eur 250 / Asia 25-30
Artists' Books: US 2 / Eur 7
Appointments: Written request, one week notice.

Milwaukee Art Museum
Mail: 700 N. Art Museum Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Location: N Lincoln Memorial Drive and Mason Street at the waterfront
414/224-3200, fax 414/271-7588
Curator: Kristin Makholm
Prints: US 808 / Can 2 / Eur 17 / Asia 4 / Israel 12 Artists' Books: US 1
Collecting focus: Includes the Landfall Press Archive.
Appointments: Telephone; some material may require advance notice and/or special handling.

University of Wisconsin
Mayer Print Center

Elvehjem Museum of Art
800 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
608/263-2246 or 608/263-7377, fax 608/263-8188
Curator: Andrew Stevens, e-mail
Prints: US 700 / Can few / Mex few / Amer 20 / Eur 300 / Asia 30 / Afr few
Collecting focus: Includes the Tandem Press Archive, Hollaender, CoBra collection.
Appointments: Open weekdays 10 - 4 except holidays. Call or write at least two weeks in advance to arrange appointment.

University of Wisconsin
The Silver Buckle Press
Room 236 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison WI 53706
608/263-4929, fax 608/265-2754
Curator: Tracy Honn
Collecting focus: Letterpress printing


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