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Articles Published in Contemporary Impressions

All unattributed articles by the editor, Dr. Carol Pulin. Plus, in every issue, reviews of exhibitions, portfolios, books and catalogues.

An original print is commissioned as a gift for subscribers each year.

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1993 Alliance Print: Jessie Nebraska Gifford, Lie Still. Xerograph in black, image 8 3/8 x 6 1/4" on Mohawk super-fine cream 9 1/8 x 7".

Spring 1993, vol. 1 #1

  • Woodcut & the Contemporary Artist, by Karen Kunc
  • Post-Print: Staking Claim to the Territory, by Hugh Merrill
  • Critical Theory and the Print, by Ruth Weisburg
  • Prints & Politics (campaign fundraising)
  • A, B, C's - Art, Business, Cash, Dealers, by Harold Horowitz
  • J. Nebraska Gifford, Interview by Mel Shestack
  • The Lang Collection and the GraphicStudio Archives
  • L'estampe en art actuel, reported by Karen Trask
  • The Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, by Carol Pulin

Fall 1993, vol. 1 # 2

  • The Why behind the Why, by Karen Trask
  • Innovations in Monotype and Paper Art, by Joseph Zirker
  • The Net of Irrationality: The Variant Matrix & the Tyranny of the Edition, by Charles Cohan
  • Warrington Colescott & Fran Myers, Interview
  • Prints & Politics (censorship)
  • The Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios, by Trudy V. Hansen

1994 Alliance Print: Barry Smylie, Communiqué. Offset lithograph in blue and black, image 5 1/8 x 7" on Simpson evergreen birch 8 x 9".

Spring 1994, vol. 2 #1

  • Ticket to Paradise, by Ann Chernow
  • Barry Smylie, by Joan Murray
  • The Status of Artists, by Harold Horowitz
  • Randy Bolton, Interview by Carol Larsen
  • Postmodern Printmaking: A Key, by Carol Pulin
  • Prints & Politics: Persuasion, by Douglas Dowd
  • Buzz Spector, Interview by Neva Lindburg Munoz
  • Luminous Volumes, by Johanna Drucker
  • Workshops that Work:
    • Women's Studio Workshop, by Tatana Kellner
    • Papeterie Saint-Gilles, by Sébastien Servant

Fall 1994, vol. 2 #2

  • Skin Deep: Leon Golub & Nancy Spero, by Lynne Allen
  • Please Copy and Circulate, by Kirby Gookin
  • Computers, Pyramids & Hearts, by Isaac Victor Kerlow
  • Treading the Maze, by Susan King
  • Prints & Politics (Hollis Sigler)
  • John Himmelfarb, Interview by Susan Stewart
  • States of Contrast: Contemporary Printmaking in South Africa, by Charles Cohan
  • El Taller 99, Santiago de Chile, by Evelyn Klein

1995 Alliance Print: Barbara Yoshida, Project to $ave the Dollar (and the arts). Offset lithograph in black and hand-printed stamps in green and red, image 6 1/4 x 7 3/4" on Crane "Old Money" (recycled U.S. currency) 8 x 9".  

Spring 1995, vol. 3 #1

  • June Wayne's Future Shock, by Louise Lewis
  • Meditations on the C-word, by Douglas Dowd
  • Michael Ray Charles, Discussion with Katherine Brimberry, Ken Hale and Jack Hanley
  • Identities, by Judy Youngblood and Eduardo Garcia
  • Prints & Politics: Funny Money, with Barbara Yoshida
  • Remote Simulations, by Carmon Colangelo
  • The Andy Warhol Museum

Fall 1995, vol. 3 #2

  • Printmaking as a Medium of Exchange, by Stephen Petersen
  • Give It Away, by Fred Hagstrom
  • David Adamson, Interview by Sam Peters
  • Prints & Politics (definitions; advocacy)
  • Name-Calling: Labels and Roles, by Charles R. Jansen
  • The Evolving Definition of the Artist's Book, by Thomas A. Vogler
  • The Passion of Maria Bonomi, by Carol Pulin

1996 Alliance Print: Douglas B. Dowd, The Naturalist. Wood engraving in black, image 6 x 8" on Fox River arctic white cover 8 1/4 x 9 1/4".

Spring 1996, vol. 4 #1

  • Douglas Dowd, by Norma S. Steinberg
  • Pam Longobardi, Interview by Roberta Frew and Jacque McLaughlin
  • The Strength of Charles Hewitt, by Genetta McLean
  • Innovation and the Meaning of the Artifact, by Charles Heasley
  • Prints & Politics: Breath of Fresh Air, by Helga Thomson
  • Collecting Prints at 3M, by Charles Helsell
  • Edges & Interfaces, by Carol Pulin
  • Biennial (Geo)Graphics:
    • Prints in Minnesota, by Elizabeth Armstrong
    • Prints, Hawaii & the Pacific Rim, by Wayne Miyamoto

Fall 1996, vol. 4 #2

  • Earthmakers (Joan Smith and Barbara Zeigler), by Patrick Mahon
  • The Object and the Encyclopedic Image, by Beauvais Lyons
  • Pat Nick, Interview by Randy Hemminghaus
  • Prints & Politics: From Comic Books to Commentary, by William Fick
  • Infinite Image, by Hugh Merrill
  • Diverse Narratives: The Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, by Lynne Allen

1997 Alliance Print: Kenneth A. Kerslake, Lengthening Shadows. Relief printed etching in black, image 7 x 4 1/2" on Fox River confetti kaleidoscope 9 1/4 x 6 1/2".  

Spring 1997, vol. 5 #1

  • Kenneth Kerslake, by Larry David Perkins
  • The Digital Print, by Norma S. Steinberg
  • Patrick Mahon's House of Flowers, by Carol Podedworny, Barbara Zeigler and Patrick Mahon
  • Richard Basil Mock, Interview by J. Nebraska Gifford
  • Prints & Politics: Rubber Stamps, by Vulcan Heizer (ps.)
  • Working Proof: Shark's Inc., by Susan Krane, George Woodman and Bud Shark
  • Situating the Print in Time & Space, by Françoise Lavoie

Fall 1997, vol. 5 #2

  • Sid Block & Bob Hiebert, Interview by Barbara Stevko
  • Prints & Politics: South Africa's Bill of Rights, by Dominic Thorburn
  • The Exchange Portfolio: More Than the Sum of its Parts, by Leslie Koptcho
  • Corporate Art Collecting, Not Just for the Big Guys, by Harriet Berkman Hunt
  • Sol LeWitt: Puzzles & Prints, by Sylvia Solochek Walters
  • Shifting Grounds: The Boston Print Symposium, by Heather Burness and Barbara McConchie

1998 Alliance Print: Dorothy Simpson Krause, Stars of Hope. Computer-generated inkjet print in full color, image 8 7/8 x 7 7/8" on Arches hot press watercolor white 9 1/2 x 8 1/2".

Spring 1998, vol. 6 #1

  • Dorothy Simpson Krause & Stars of Hope, by Norma S. Steinberg
  • Pattern / Purpose, by Bill N. Thompson
  • Prints & Politics: Sue Coe, by Beauvais Lyons
  • D.B. Dowd, Interview by Thomas Andrew Huck
  • Industry and Idolness: A Relief Print Book, by Judy Stone Nunneley
  • Turning Over a New Leaf: Bookarts, by Maureen Cummins
  • The Workshop as Center: EES Arts, by Deborah Cornell
  • Sightlines: Printmaking and Image Culture, by Fred Hagstrom

Fall 1998, vol. 6 #2

  • Diamond Head, by Laura Ruby
  • A Self-Portrait "Inside Out," by Bert Menco
  • Stealth, Montage and the Modern Allegorical Play, by S.L. Dickey
  • Robert Mueller, Interview by Kenneth A. Kerslake
  • Prints & Politics: Colorprint USA, by Leslie Koptcho
  • Collaborative Printmaking at Littleton Studios, by Judith O'Rourke

1999 Alliance Print: Kathryn Maxwell, Genetic Parry. Color screenprint in four colors water-based ink, image 6 x 6" on Fabriano uno cream 9.5 x 7.5". Printed by Jim Kraft at Unified Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Spring 1999, vol. 7 #1

  • The Delicate Balance of Kathryn Maxwell, by Betsy Fahlman
  • Clownz, by Lynwood Kreneck
  • Art, Apples and Artifacts, by Barbara Elam
  • Phyllis McGibbon, Interview by Anita Jung
  • Prints & Politics: Litografiska, by Lynne Allen
  • Art Making Book Making Art, by Charles Hobson
  • Common Ground, by Carol Pulin
Fall 1999, vol. 7 #2
  • Chaos, Order and Computers, by Karen Guzak
  • Prints & Politics: In the South Pacific, by Fred Hagstrom
  • The Anatomy of a Corpse: Dissection of a Collaboration, by Robert Erikson and Gail Panske
  • Cacophony & Conundrim in Mixed Media Printmaking, by Julia Kjelgaard
  • Prints, Papers, Books, Cultures, by Shireen Holman
  • Scrolling the Page, by Carol Pulin


2000 Alliance Print: Walter Askin, The Dingbat Lecture. Letterpress print in black, image 8 7/8 x 6 1/4" on Albrecht Dürer Paper 9 3/8 x 6 7/8". Printed by Darrell Hyder at the Sun Hill Press, North Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Spring 2000, vol. 8 #1

  • Printmaking as Syntax of Contemporary Art, by Sam Walker
  • Lynne Allen, interview by Judith K. Brodsky
  • Violence, by Janice Hartwell
  • Prints & Politics: A Manifesto, Imagination and Art, by Walter Askin
  • Variation and Continuity: The Workshop Portfolios, by K.E. Duffin
  • Big Impressions, by Judith Tolnic
  • Away Again, by Karen Kunc

Fall 2000, vol. 8 #2

  • William Walmsley as Ding Dong Daddy, by Bradford R. Collins
  • Prints & Politics: Printed Matter(s), by Kathryn J. Reeves
  • Balancing Act: Man and Technology in the Digital Age, by Brad Shanks
  • The New A, B, C: Algorithm, Body, Computer, by Jennifer Mahlman
  • In a Snowglobe, by William Harroff
  • The Janet Turner Print Collection, by Catherine Sullivan
  • Taller Canet, Cuba , by Bob Freimark

2001 Alliance Print: April Katz, The Broken Dream. Color photoetching from hand-drawn and computer-generated film, image 7 x 5" on BFK Rives - Cream 8 1/2 x 6". Printed by Ken Shoals at Capital City Engravers, Kensington, Maryland.

Spring 2001, vol. 9 #1

  • April Katz, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • Corporate Art Collecting (and Giving) [South Africa and U.S.A.], by Lynne Allen
  • Contemporary Printmaking in Korea, by Peter MacWhirter
  • Paperskins, by Kay Stanfield
  • Prints and Politics: Boundaries or Connections?, by Hugh Merrill
  • On/Off/Over the Edge [Alliance travelling exhibition]
  • Journey: Where Narrative Meets Metaphor, by Ryan Burkhart

Fall 2001, vol. 9 #2

  • Ann Chernow: Originals in the Age of Post-Modern Appropriation, by Carol Pulin
  • Drawing & the Prints of Keith Rasmussen, by Tom Dewey II
  • Printmaking in Southern Louisiana, by Brian Kelly and Karl F. Vollmar
  • Hugh Merrill, Interview by Cynthia Miller
  • Prints and Politics: Memorials, by Carol Pulin
  • Prints in Boston, 2001, by Norma S. Steinberg
2002 Alliance Print: Frances Myers and Warrington Colescott, Bombers over Tuscany. Letterpress from two photo-engraved plates with hand-drawn, collage and soft-ground etching images, 5 3/4 x  7 3/4" on BFK Rives - White 7 1/2 x 9 1/2". Printed by Darrell Hyder at Sun Hill Press, North Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Spring 2002, vol. 10 #1

  • Demo'Graphics Report, by Michael Krueger and Stephen Goddard
  • Frances Myers & Warrington Colescott, Interview
  • Digital Evolution, by John Antoine Labadie
  • Prints & Politics: Everything Counts, by Charles Massey, Jr.
  • Bridge to Uzbekistan, by Jenny Freestone and Helga Thomson
  • The Seríe Print Project, by Dana McBride

Fall 2002, vol. 10 #2

  • Conversing and Reversing, by Randy Garber
  • Prints & Politics: Southern Comfort in the Integration of Art and Life, by Lea Barton
  • Mariana Depetris, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • Organizing Art Work Now, by D. B. Dowd
  • Making Marks Beyond the Print Studion, by Patricia Olynyk
  • Revolution and Representation, by Deborah Cornel
2003 Alliance Print: Zdzislaw Sikora, It's Hard to Face up to Kings and Queens. Color inkjet and etching, 7 x 5" on Arches Infinity 9 1/4 x 8". Printed by the artist with students and staff of the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.

2003 do-it-yourself print: Michael Krueger and Jasper Krueger with Steve Goddard, WUV (War Utility Vehicle). Stencil, 4 3/8 x 6" die-cut image in various colors of index cardstock, 8 x 8 1/2".

Spring 2003, vol. 11 #1

  • Exploring Time and Space, by Bonny Lhotka
  • Prints & Politics: Aerosol Activism, by Stephen Goddard and Michael Krueger
  • Printmaking as Alchemy, by April Vollmer
  • A is for Art & Art is for Everyone, by Richard Kennedy
  • John Hitchcock, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • Honolulu Printmakers: Celebrating a Tradition, by Marcia Morse and Max Aronov
  • Learning, by Debrah Santini and Stephanie Smith 

Fall 2003, vol. 11 #2

  • Printing Memories, by Pauline Jakobsberg
  • Zdzislaw Sikora, Interview by Beverly Hall Smith
  • A (Virtual Reality), by Deborah Cornell
  • A Graphic Tale, by D.B. Dowd
  • Bridge from Uzbekistan: Ipak Yoli, by Jenny Freestone and Helga Thomson

2004 Alliance Print: Andrew Decaen, Expectant Addition. Color offset lithograph from wash drawing and digital files, 5 7/8 x 5 7/8" on Domtar Solutions 9 x 8". Printed by Karl Ambrose at Ambrose the Printer, Orlando, Florida.

Spring 2004, vol. 12 #1

  • Prints & Politics: Homespun Truths, by Janet Ballweg
  • Peter MacWhirter, Interview by Mark Butler
  • Subtle Structure, by Jessica Curtaz
  • Lin Carte, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • Small Scale to Epic Proportions, by Félix Ángel
  • Infinite Proof: An East West Artists Collective, by Karen Cornelius
  • Theater of the Mind, by John A. Stewart

Fall 2004, vol. 12 #2

  • Andrew Decaen, Interview by Julie Decaen
  • Rudolf Bikkers and Phil Secord, Interviews by Peter MacWhirter
  • Prints &Politics: Printmaking in a Time of War, by DeWitt Cheng
  • The Evolution of a Printmaker, by Caroline Thorington
  • Technology versus Concept, by Ruth Pelzer-Montada
  • The Tallinn Print Triennial: in Exile, by Ursula Zeller and Sirje Helme

2005 Alliance Print: Tim High, Vanity Fair Series No. 30, After Ensor— tug of war. Four-color process photo-screenprint, 7.3 x 8.3" on Lenox 100 cotton paper 8.3 x 9.3". Printed by the artist at Terra Rosa Studio, Austin, Texas.

Spring 2005, vol. 13 #1

  • Unfolding Nature, by Mona Waterhouse
  • Prints & Politics: Plowshares, Paper & Ink, by John L. Risseeuw
  • Appropriation as Expression in the Era of Open Content, by Kim W. Fink
  • Hockney and Werger: Pools and Light, by Tom Dewey II
  • Lesley Ann Price, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • Printmaking at Penland School of Crafts, by Robin Dreyer
  • Intersections of East and West: Contemporary Printmaking in Japan, by April Vollmer

Fall 2005, vol. 13 #2

  • Charles Cohan: Configurations, by Marcia Morse
  • David Mohallatee, Interview by Brandon Horton
  • Image and Process, Woven into Reality, by Diane M. Lara
  • Prints & Politics: Print Politics, by Joseph Pentheroudakis and Josh MacPhee
  • A Frogman's Experience, by Brad Widness
  • Lessons in History, by Tim High
  • 90 Years: Nurturing the New, by Jacqueline van Rhyn
  • Bedrock: The New York Society of Etchers, by Stephen Fredericks

2006 Alliance Print: Marsha Sweet, Madonna. Wood engraving in black, 4 x 4"” on Arches 88 white paper 8.38 x 7.25". Printed at The Lantern Printery, Cleveland, Ohio.

Spring 2006, vol. 14 #1

  • Tolerable Diversity: Exploring Cultural Dissonance, by Juanita Tumelaire
  • Experiprints & Printstallations, by April Flanders
  • Synchronism in Bonnie Baxter's Prints, by Christine Unger
  • Tales of Mud and Ink: The Prints of Brian Kelly, by Steven Breaux
  • Nancy Campbell and the Mount Holyoke College Printmaking Workshop,   Interview by Mary Elizabeth Strunk
  • Work from the Digital Art Studio

Fall 2006, vol. 14 #2

  • Prints & Politics: The Art of Persuasion, by Stephen A. Fredericks
  • Semographics: Diversity and Collaboration, by Tim High
  • Erena Rae — Feminist, Activist, Artist, A Life in Words and Prints
  • With and Against the Grain, by Marsha Sweet
  • Cultural Collage to Collagraph, by Vinita Voogd
  • Passion and Process, by Brian Jones
  • A Printmaker in the Old World, by Susan Litsios

2007 Alliance Print: Sarah Whorf, Trash Vortex. Color offset lithograph from transparencies printed by waterless lithography from separate color hand-drawn plates, 7.25 x 4.5" on Mohawk Options 8.5 x 5.5". Printed at Printing Images, Rockville, Maryland.

Spring 2007, vol. 15 #1

  • Layer It On, by Lise Drost
  • Kore Loy Wildrekind-McWhirter, Interview by Katey Schultz
  • Prints & Politics: War in Iraq
    • War Games, by Art Hazelwood
    • Postcards with a Message, by Scott Stout
    • War and Global Warming, by Nancy R. Davison
  • Melanie Yazzie, Native Identity & Place, by John-Michael H. Warner
  • Hydrus: Nine Heads Are Better Than One, by Sheri Fleck Roth
  • Normal Editions Workshop, by Richard Finch and Veda Rives

Fall 2007, vol. 15 #2

  • Inspiration and Tradition, by Art Hazelwood
  • Will Barnet, Interview by Stephen A. Fredericks
  • Process and Choice, by Sarah Whorf
  • Collaborating on Global Fusion, by Lyn Bishop
  • The Oaxaca - Humboldt Print Exchange, by Humboldt State University interns
  • Drive-By Press: Have Press, Will Travel, by Gregory Nanney and Joseph Velasquez

2008 Alliance Print: Yuji Hiratsuka, Suite Sixteen. Suite of sixteen prints, four-color etching and chine collé, each 5.875 x 4.312" on Owara mulberry paper on Rising Stonehenge 9.5 x 7.5". Printed by the artist; signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil.

2008 fold-in extra: Art Hazelwood, Veteran. Screenprint, 9.25 x 8" on Fox River Coronado 9.5 x 8.37". Printed by the artist on an automatic screen print press at Mission Grafica in San Francisco, California.


Spring - Summer 2008, vol. 16 #1

  • Prints & Politics: Gum Arabic, by Bob Tomollilo
  • Prints & Politics: Homless Rights Activists, by Art Hazelwood
  • Contemporary Chinese Printmaking, by Peter MacWhirter
  • Printmakers Master Time, by Carol Pulin
  • Visual Storytelling, by Bill Hosterman
  • Printmaking Artists and Master Printers, by Hugh Merrill
  • Printing the Edges: Defining Print within Contemporary Installation, by Althea Murphy-Price

Fall - Winter 2008, vol. 16 #2

  • Material Girl, by Kelly M. Nelson
  • Prints & Politics: Global Warming Portfolio, by Clay McGlamory
  • Photo (un)Finish, by Ellen Jantzen
  • Yuji Hiratsuka, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • End of a Chapter: Photo-Offset Artists' Books, by Tony White
  • Prints & Politics: Democracy
    • Art of Democracy Censored, by Art Hazelwood and Jos Sances
    • Soap Box Prints 2, by Carol Pulin
  • Bookmarks: Infiltrating Europe and the U.S., by Sarah Bodman

2009 Alliance Print: Karin Schminke, Trio. Color pigment inkjet print from hand drawn and painted elements, 7 x 5.6" on Moenkopi Unryu 8 x 6.37". Printed by the artist. Signed and numbered in pencil.

2009 to-be-assembled extra: Laura Berman, Printhesizer. Two color and blind embossed letterpress, 7.63 x 9.25". Printed by Bob Atkins at Skylab Letterpress, North Kansas City, Missouri.


Spring - Summer 2009, vol. 17 #1

  • The Martha Stewart Affectation: Printspaces Redefined, by Laura Berman and Rachel Melis
  • New Direction: Print Landcape, by Brian H. Jones
  • Size & Scale in the Field of Contemporary Print, by Catherine Kernan
  • Prints & Pinwheels: Envisioning a Sustainable Future, by Kelly M. Nelson and Carol Pulin
  • Bridges, New York to Belgrade and Beyond, by April Vollmer

Fall - Winter 2009, vol. 17 #2

  • Karin Schminke, Interview by Eileen Fritsch
  • Ekphrasis & Roberta Delaney's Bookwork, by Norma S. Steinberg
  • Evolution & Change: Natural Selection in Printmaking, by Patrick Merrill
  • Natural Order Observed, by Raymond DeCicco
  • Prints & Politics: One World, by Carol Pulin
  • Global Fusion International Exchange Portfolio, by Maritza Davila

2010 Alliance Print: Ibrahim Miranda, Habanero. Suite of three prints, linocut, each 6 x 8" or 8 x 6" on Stonehenge Polar White paper 7 x 9" or 9 x 7". Printed by Kathy Garrou at Atlanta Printmakers Studio, Atlanta, Georgia.


Summer 2010, vol. 18 #1

  • Connections with Cuban Printmakers: Part 1, History and Teaching, by Marjorie Javan and Candy Nartonis
  • Pinecones Along My Path, by Andrea Emmons
  • Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Interview by Laura Zinger
  • Vicarious Expression: Collage and Disaster, by Erik Waterkotte
  • My Work Is My Diary, by Tetsuya Noda

Winter 2010, vol. 18 #2

  • Connections with Cuban Printmakers: Part 2, Experience and Excitement, by Marjorie Javan and Candy Nartonis
  • The Ibsen Portfolio, A Printmaker's Journey, by Pieter S. Myers
  • Digital Printmaking: Place, Time, Vision, by Carol Pulin
  • Hugh Merrill & Audubon's Birds of America
    • Divergent Consistencies, by Adelia Ganson
    • Birds of the Gulf, by Hugh Merrill
  • Indrani Nayar-Gall, Interview by Carol Pulin
  • New York Society of Etchers: Ten Years, by Stephen A. Fredericks

2011 Alliance Print: Valerie Dibble, I Wonder. Color offset lithograph in black and gray-blue from hand-drawn and digital files with hand-printed color stamps, 5.5 x 5" on Exact Index white 9 x 7.5". Printed at Printing Images, Rockville, Maryland. Signed and titled in pencil.


Summer 2011, vol. 19 #1

  • Beauty By Mistake, by Curtis Bartone
  • Jiachun Zhao & Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Interview by Peter MacWhirter
  • More Collaboration: Semographics 2, by tim High
  • Sweeping Gestures, Moments in Ink, by Candy Nartonis
  • Prints & Politics: Drawing Inspriation on Stone, by Robert Tomolillo
  • Expanding the Biennale at Trois Riviere, by Jo Ann Lanneville
  • A Printing Tour de France, by Lead Graffiti (Jill Cyber & Ray Nochols)

Winter 2011, vol. 19 #2

  • History of My Use of the Trope, by Robert Brown
  • Multiple Roles Engender Self-Portraits, by Valerie Dibble
  • Bittersweet: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Collapsing Time, by Beth Grabowski
  • Erika Adams, Interview by Mariana Depetris
  • American Grain: 50 Years of Printing Woodcuts, by Tony Lazorko

2012 Alliance Print: Hugh Merrill, Impression Reflection. Offset lithograph from hand-drawn and digital files, 9 x 8" on Arches hot press white 9 x 8". Printed at Mpress, Kansas City, Missouri. Signed with ink stamp on the back.


Summer 2012, vol. 20 #1

  • Twenty Years & Counting: The Digital Revolution in Life & Printmaking, by Kathryn Maxwell
  • Prints & Politics: Artist as Environmentalist, by Raymond DeCicco
  • Patrick Merrill and the Clouds of War, by Debra Winters, Joanna Roche, patrick Merrill and Suvan Geer, edited by Carol Pulin
  • Process Stirs the Imagination, by Terri Dilling
  • Art & Theme in the Prints of Rene Arceo, by Julio Rangel
  • A Press for International Print Portfolios, by Rene Arceo

Winter 2012, vol. 20 #2

  • Hugh Merrill
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